mardi 5 décembre 2017

Winter booties


Inspiration: my own very comfortable BearPaws.
I used bits and pieces of felt to make a prototype. Also needed: time and pleasure in figuring it out!

The back and the front were made separately, each out of two pieces - one leg part/fore-foot and one leg part /heel. Then both parts attatched on the sides (left side and right side of the ankle).

This top part was attached to the sole, ending with the thread again on the left side and the right side of the ankle where you can ajust  by overlapping the top part as much as needed.

 Different 'looks'.

The boot is taken apart in order to make the pattern. Graph paper, allows precize drawing and cutting.

 I used a by accident boiled cashmire cardigan (aie!!) and needle felted some wool around the rim.

Finally, an anti-slip sole cut to measure was fixed underneath.

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