mercredi 6 décembre 2017

PuppenMITmacherei 2017

doll sew along ~ finale


Thank you Maria and Caro, for organizing this virtual get together again! I enjoyed to participate and exchange ideas and inspiration!

The clothes to play outside are finished. A sleeveless cardigan with a hood, jeans, legwarmers and warm BearPaws (how I made them, see my december 5th photo's).

Kaja's jeans looked too new. To give them a worn look, I rubed the leg with sanding paper, insisting a bit more on the knees:

She also got a summer dress, made from an old blouse, and felt shoes:

Kaja was not specially made for someone - I wanted to try out some techniques, so she'll stay with me for the moment.

I wish you all a peaceful month of December!

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