jeudi 9 novembre 2017



PuppenMITmacherei 2017 ~ Doll sew-along

5th meeting  making the clothes


Not only am I a little bit late with my contribution for the PuppenMITmacherei, all I made so far is a pair of tiny, 4 cm high leg warmers ! The reason is that we had little girls to stay during their autumn holidays and that we also had an important once-in-10-years-job we wanted to finish before winter, when it becomes muddy and impracticable for a tractor 'down by the riverside': cutting wood, storing it away and cleaning up the riverbank. Working outside in fresh autumn temperatures makes you so very 'happily tired'. But it left little time for dressmaking. Even if the evenings fall early now, I just fell asleep, almost as soon as I sat down in front of the open fire.

There was time for thinking though, about this pile of old woollen sweaters, often washed blouses with lovely cotton prints and some baby pyjamas (all worn by girlies in my family). No 'haute couture' fabric, but all the more special:

Baby pyjamas often have lovely elaborated elements like collars and edging. I could use this sleeve edge to make underwear:

In my drawer with knitting wool, there is an un-finished cardigan without sleeves but with a hood... It is perfect for Kaja. But you cannot go through life in a cardigan and leg warmers alone so I am looking forward to autumn storms and bad weather = time to be busy inside and spend hours on doll-dress making! 

I am curious to see what the other participants have prepared for this meeting!

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