mercredi 6 septembre 2017

PuppenMITmacherei 2017 ~ doll sew along

3rd meeting

making the head and the body


I really enjoyed this slow process of needle felting the head. Some wool and a felting needle is all you need. I mainly worked on it sitting outside, putting it away and picking it up again whenever I felt like it. As Maria and Laura write in their Charlie-Bo manual: just continue until you are satisfied. It also opened up a new world to me: I found myself studying and sketching faces, proportions and profiles.

Adding lots of small tufts of wool, a bit here, a bit there, and slowly, out of a cloud of wool, a little face comes to life...

I found it almost a pitty to cover the face with fabric as it changes the features.

Covering the head with fabric - without pleats or stretching the fabric too much especially at the level of the mouth - was not easy.

So I finally decided on 'cut-and-sew-as-you-go" - resulting in the back of the head looking like this:

... lots of  'scars', but they will be covered by a wig.

It only needed two glass-head pins and a little bit of blush:

 and suddenly someone was timidly smiling at me!

The body I made "top-down", leaving the bottom part open for stuffing. I found it easier to first sew the neck fabric to the head. You also get a neatly (machine) stitched neck-shoulder line. Then I shaped the shoulders and the body with wool, which I slightly needle felted  - pulling the fabric up over the head while doing this.

I stuffed the arms and the legs with the stuffing tool ordered from A Childs Dream. I tested the method used by Fig&me in August already on Popje, using a 4 cm thick block of needle felting foam to spread the wool on: the wool sticks a little bit to the foam, which helps to keep the wool stretched and allows you to wrap it tightly. The height of the foam also allows some space for your hand to roll the stuffing tool. It turned out to  work really well with bigger legs. With these more slim arms and legs it is not so easy to push the wool into the sewn arm or leg. So if you plan to try it out, have some tea and chocolate and calming music within reach and practise, practise!

Then arms and legs were attached to the body::

Coucou! Waiting for ears, hair and eyes. And this old blouse is going to be my new dress or skirt!

2 commentaires:

  1. Hallo Agathe,
    schade das ich so schlecht in Englisch bin, aber mit Google -Übersetzer und anhand deiner tollen Bilder bin ich trotzdem gut zurecht gekommen mit deinem Text. Genauso ging es mir im letzten Jahr zur Puppenmittmacherei , als ich auch eine Filzkopfpuppe nach der Anleitung "Charly-Bo " gemacht habe. Puh , was hab ich da geschwitzt!!

    Ganz zauberhaft dein kleines Seelchen!! bin gespannt wie sie sich noch entpuppt!!1

    LG Sandy!

  2. Danke Sandy!
    Ohne Fehler Deutsch schreiben und die richtige Wörter finden, nimmt mir mehr Zeit als eine Puppe machen. Aber wir verstehen uns durch den Puppen und das ist das Wichtigste!
    liebe Grüsse