mercredi 7 décembre 2016

PuppenMITmacherei2016 - DollSewAlong - 6th meeting and finale

THANK YOU Maria from Mariengold and Caro from Naturkinder for organizing this doll sew along. It was such fun to participate, exchange ideas, find inspiration and to meet others who happily dwell on 'doll planet'. Moreover, this process of 6 monthly meetings where you share the making of a doll with others in clear steps, gives ample time to reflect on dollmaking on the whole. This made me more aware of why I make the dolls I make and what I would like to add, change, or keep as it is.

The doll I made during this doll-sew-along is already on its way to a little boy, with a blanket, dungarees and a hat:

I hope it will not live a shelve life, nor look like new with the same pink cheeks in a few years time. On the contrary, I hope he will end up with signs of wear and tear. Just like Poppemarieke (below), who also started off all cute and lovely and clean...

and after years of cuddles and adventures, some clean-ups and repairs, now looks like this:

Can you think of a nicer compliment?

 I wish you all a wonderful and peaceful December month - may 2017 bring you happiness, and a year full of doll making pleasure - and of course, I very much hope there wille be a 

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  1. Ontzettend genoten van je website Aagje en wat een heerlijk jongenspopje heb je weer gemaakt.
    Prachtig mutsje en wat een lief koppie! Ook het dekentje is zo mooi. Je bent een echte Master poppenmaker. Zo met hart en ziel gemaakt, heel mooi!!