jeudi 6 octobre 2016

PuppenMITmacherei - DollsewAlong

4th meeting - hair and other details

Embroidering hair with Cascade Yarn is a real pleasure. The yarn easily slides through the fabric:

The next step is the clothing. This doll only needs dungarees and a knitted woolen hat - in autumn colours/style since it is for a little boy born in autumn. I found some inspiration for the hat in this book from Elsa Beskow, which I got for my 5th birthday - a long long time ago ;o)

I love the idea of a hat like one of these, mini ones are all over the place under the trees at the moment. So, to my knitting needles now and see what comes out of that... See you next month!

2 commentaires:

  1. I Love your Little doll and I' m looking forward to the hat... greetings from germany...chris :)

  2. Thank you for your comment! However simple I'd like to keep them, I am working on the clothes... "Kleider machen Leute" ;0)