mercredi 3 août 2016

DollSewAlong - PuppenMITmacherei 2016

2nd meeting: Preparations

This stack of fabric, plus wool and thread will become a doll....! It is an adventure, every time again.

Besides "doll fever", wool and fabric, tools and other sweing material are needed:
I have seen on a few sites that people use a cutlery tray as a toolbox for the sewing material. What a great idea to have whatever you need on hand when you want to move around. I do have an atelier dedicated to my 'stuff' and where I can concentrate and leave a mess, but I like to sit outside, especially in summer when the dream below comes true:

One of my most useful tools is the big blue magnet which has a great force of attraction and which can hold lots of needles and pins instead of them being scattered all over the place.
Another very handy tool is a so called "needle nose precision plyers for electronics" ! -  a gift of my husband after he saw me struggle pushing and pulling a needle through layers of fabric and wool.

The doll I have in mind is a 35 cm nicky velour doll for a 15 months old boy. It is more like a 'real' doll than a cuddly soft doll, but still with a nicky velour body. Such a doll can remain suitable for a long time because it  has movable arms and legs, it can sit and has simple clothes. With the nicky velour body, the doll is always 'dressed', even if the child takes the clothes of. I have made a girl some months ago, this time it will be a boy!

The pattern has developed over the years from the classical Waldorf cuddly doll into a one piece body-legs-arms one. I want to try out a new way of sewing it together, making it more easy to insert the head/body part and have more easy access to sewing the neck, by folding the fabric double, stitching it together and folding the stitched line to the middle:

Hand-basting around the pattern will keep the two layers in place. 

This way it is easy to insert the body/head part once the arms and legs are finished (instead of leaving one shoulder open).

I also want to make the doll slightly more weighted. A discussion about what to use for weighted dolls can be followed in the comments on the blog of Rundumdiepuppe.
In order to keep the volume of the little weighted bag as small as possible, I thought I would use sand or aquarium grit, instead of using Glorex Granulates. Sand and grit are heavier than Glorex Granulates: 50ml sand weighs 100gr, 50ml Granulates weighs 60gr... yes, I did the test ;o) :

On the other hand, the Glorex Granulates feel very soft and supple, so less wool is needed to wrap around the the weighted bag. After having given it some further thought, I finally decided not to take sand since it would dry less easily should the doll get wet. So, which of the remaing two should I choose, grit or Glorex Granulates... ? To be followed; the next meeting is on the 7th of September !
But first I am curious to see what the other participants have prepared.

Have a nice and sunny month of August!

4 commentaires:

  1. Have a lot of fun, working outside in your garden! I hope, the weather will be fine...And I'm looking forward to seeing more of your dolly boy...

  2. Thank you Dalennia. Here in Normandy we have great weather for doll making: lots of rain this summer!

  3. Hi, Agathe,
    That looks great...I will also use the aquarium grit. I found some with bigger stones and after washing several times it is very clean.
    Now i´m looking forward to do the seeing...
    have also fun with your doll :)

  4. Hello Agathe,

    what a cutie little dolly boy! Thanks for sharing your way of sewing this lovely doll and for the dollmaking tipps.
    Yes, thats right, a lots of rain ist best dollmaking weather. This week the sun shines every day.

    Best wishes